JavaScript programming

We are offshore software professionals specializing in information technology outsourcing. Our company provides the full range of IT services and creates custom software of different scope, for various areas of application.

Our company has more than 10 years of experience in custom programming. We design, implement and maintain informational projects of any complexity:

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  • from simple, one-purpose apps and add-ons
  • to complex corporate software systems

We have acquired unique, profound, comprehensive expertise in JavaScript programming, hence this has become one of our major areas of practice. Our developers have been involved into a variety of custom JavaScript-based software projects. We create special-purpose IT solutions using JavaScript technologies to maximum advantage in each case.


JavaScript programming

Our developers are experienced in writing JavaScript systems. They create diverse software applications for web which can be, for instance, imbedded in HTML pages, and successfully perform the intended functions. Our main JavaScript services and solutions include:

  • Project design
  • Integration services
  • Full-cycle development
  • Re-engineering
  • UI design
  • Support for custom projects

These custom software is meant to advance the features and extend the functionality of web sites and apps, allowing flexible, convenient interaction with users. Applying the relevant skill and adjusting the features of the respective technology to the customers' system requirements and commercial needs, our JavaScript programmers design and build the optimal solution for every business.


Our specialists have long-term experience in creating custom software using JavaScript. Applying this technology, we create high-performance IT solutions for:

  • E-commerce
  • Trading platforms
  • Banking
  • CRM
  • Entertainment
  • Navigation
  • Mass Media
  • Data processing
  • E-learning
  • Payment processing
  • Travel industry
  • Helpdesk automation