We are an international IT company. Our company has been rendering custom software outsourcing services since 2000. The company has several branch offices and development centers in the USA (California), Belarus and Sweden. We are specialized in JavaScript programming.

Document Summarizer Summarizer - desktop application for document summarization. New feature - names recognition allows to identified people, places, companies and relations between them. Summarization allows to extracts main ideas and puts them into a short summary. You can summarize a document, email or Web page right from your favorite application or generate annotation. Very helpful tool for scientists, students and analysts.

Our IT department numbers more than 300 experienced, qualified software developers, each specialized in their technology and competent IT consultants, business and system analysts, each being an expert in their domain. Our specialists are valued for their professionalism, diligence, talent, attention to detail, careful study of each case.


JavaScript is one of the most popular and efficient programming languages. This technology is almost indispensable in website development nowadays. JavaScript programming capabilities are widely used in custom development to extend and boost the functionality of software applications, improve UI, establish communication and facilitate interaction with user etc.