Our specialists apply their best development practices and relevant tech skill to deliver the optimal software with the proper, specifically intended functionality. We leverage JavaScript programming technologies in such custom software solutions as:

JavaScript programming
  • E-commerce platforms (domain)
  • GUI
  • Utility software
  • Form validation, navigation features
  • Search (systems and features, advanced search options)
  • Categorization (domain)
  • Document management and analysis (domain)
  • Data processing (including data bases management, interaction)
  • Payment gateway front-ends
  • and other solutions

JavaScript is generally recognized as one of the best programming technologies, in particular, for web apps, the development of the frontend for projects with Java/C# backend etc. We apply our profound, comprehensive technological and industry domain expertise to create unique, effective and most favorable software solutions for our customers according to the business and system requirements.


  • Profound, comprehensive technological and business domain expertise
  • Unique, many years' JavaScript programming experience
  • Qualified, experienced JavaScript specialists
  • Study of the client's domain and industry specifics, business analysis on demand
  • Long-term support for custom software projects